Product-5: Our Patient Scheduling and Notes System

Product-5: Our Patient Scheduling and Notes System

Available at use our patient scheduling, automated reminders and notes system.

We offer an online patient scheduling system that supports:

  • multiple health care providers
  • admin login to create and edit health care provider schedules and treatment they can provide
  • heath care provider login to see their patient appointments
  • ability to add unlimited patients and their insurance information if any
  • billing codes and notes
  • patients preferred way to contact them
  • automatic patient appointment confirmation and reminders via email
  • patients ability to make their own appointments online, if you allow them
  • health care providers and patients can access the system anywhere from Internet
  • automatic backups
1-First Screen

1. Health Care Provider logs in from the Internet

2-After Login- Daily Appointments

2. See your Daily Patient Appointments

3-List Patients

3. List all Patients or Search for a Specific Patient

4-Add New Patients

4. Add new Patients

  • Add specific CPT ICD codes for the patient
  • Write review patient notes
  • Input Insurance information
  • Input preferred way of contacting them
5-Create Appointments

5. Create Appointments

 6-Assign Appointment Billing Codes

 6. Assign Health Care Provider and Billing Codes

 8-Add Cange HCP Schedule

 7. Add or Change Health Care Provider Schedules

 7-Search Appointments

 8. Search Patient Appointments

 9-Admin Login

 9. Clinic Administrator Login

 11-HCP Schedule

 10. Clinic Admin can Setup Clinic Schedules

 11-HCP Schedule

 11. Clinic Admin can Setup Health Care Provider Schedules

  • Authorize them to perfom certain procedures or all procedures
  • Assign specific billing codes to them
  • Input their vacations and time off
 12-HCP Authorisation Treatment and Billing

 12. Admin Assigns Procedures Allowed to Health Care Providers

  • Chose CPT, ICD codes
  • Input their schedules
 13-Import CPT - ICD Codes

 13. Admin can Import CPT and ICD codes in the System or we can Help Them do it

 14-Patient Info and Reminder Prefrences

 14. Enter Patient Info and method for Automatic Appointment Reminders

  • System automatically confirms their appointment and remindes them of appointments
  • Patient can also login to the system to create their own appointments if you allow them
 15-Create Appointment

 15. Enter Patient Appointment

  • System automatically send them an appointment confirmation
  • Sends appointment reminders before the the appointment
  • Patient can login to the system, if you allow it so that they can reschedule their appointment if needed
 16-Appointment Created

 16. Appointment Created

 17-Email App Confirmation

 17. Patient gets Appointment Confirmation via Email with Login to Reschedule if Needed